the barefoot ep
You know that it's 3am
You know you should be sleeping
It's hard to turn out the light
That stands between you and the night
You lie down, hand still on the phone
It only makes you more alone
Light is coming from the hall
Shadows laughing on the wall

It isn't right
You know that by now
You'd give it away
If you only knew how

More worry than it's ever worth
More time to know that you've been heard
Like water, always cold and wet
You know that this is all you get

It's never been
That perfect moment
And so you still
Won't let them know that

I am lost
I am lost for you

Work harder, money's always spent
Drive slower, fender still gets bent
I look for words to say to you
Forgotten every one I knew

Another day
Another somewhere
I'd like to think
That maybe you'll care

That I am lost
I am lost for you

It seems like every day goes by
I'm more afraid to even try
It's all the things you'll never do
That will always stay with you

My time runs out
The room is clearing
It's too late
You're out of hearing
I've done it again
I always manage
It's like I try
To do the damage
I'll never know
How you do it
Make it seem
There's nothing to it