fairytale endings aside
Sometimes things you say just break my heart
There’s nothing I can do or I can say
‘Cause it’s not my place
Sometimes I wish you’d let down your guard
Open up to what might come your way
But that’s not my choice
There are moments when you seem so sad, my love
And I wish I could share your sorrow

Maybe I’m the crazy one, that’s nothing new
Or I could be onto something
Maybe we’re the lonely ones, me and you
For some unseen reason

Though I never would presume to know
What it’s like for you, if you explained
I might understand
There are moments when it seems you’ve given up
And I wish I could share your sorrow

Maybe we’re cut from the same cloth
Maybe we’re just the same at heart

In the moments when you’re ready to give up
You could let me share your sorrow