fairytale endings aside
Wish that I had written those letters
I meant to write
The days between have flown by
Never listened very well
To what they say
The morning’s always come anyway
Until today
The bluest sky seems out of place
And I can still picture your face

Are you out there
Are you listening to me
I wish I could see
Are you out there
Watching over me
Are you out there

Back and forth in front of the door
You know so well
There’s never any good time to tell
It’s like the rain was waiting for
That phone call
You feel it on your face as it falls
It says it all for you
You don’t have to say a word to them
They know
They’ve already heard

The sunrise on the highway reminds me
I’m going somewhere no one can find me

Wish that I had written those letters
I never wrote
Now those words have nowhere to go
The photo on the wall
Smiles just the same
And so you’d never know
That everything’s changed