fairytale endings aside
Spent a day lost in my head
Drove away, never going back
Going nowhere - long highway
Really don’t care, never going back
Someone told me I was broken
Took away the rope
My life was hanging from

Ten long years I gave that place
I’ll walk away, never going back
No more tears I’m gonna waste
I’m on my way, never going back
No one told me I could cut, run
Seeing everything gone
Out from under me

I leave today
I’m finally making
The stand I should’ve taken from the start
I’m on my way
I can’t stop shaking
Who decided letting go should be
Be the hardest part

Say goodbye and take it in
One last look before I’m gone away
Stop a sigh and fake a grin
Just look forward - think about tomorrow
Don’t leave room for sorrow
Own this choice, it’s all yours
There’s nothing here to mourn

No one knows what dreams may come
When all is said
What’s done is done
And can’t be undone

No one gets to say I’m broken
Gets to take away from
All the things I’ve done
All the things I’ve worked for
I’ll decide my own score
I’m leaving by the front door
So they can watch me go